CHC study reveals decay on Alamo’s iconic west facade

CHC study reveals decay on Alamo’s iconic west facade

posted February 6, 2015
The iconic west facade of the Alamo is slowly wearing down. Researchers from the Center for Heritage Conservation at Texas A&M have found that the base of a decorative column flanking the Alamo’s main entrance has lost from 5 to 7 centimeters of its limestone surface since 1960.
CHC symposium to showcase Alamo conservation initiatives

Heritage symposium to focus on Alamo conservation efforts

posted January 15, 2015
Efforts to conserve the Alamo, Texas’ historic shrine to liberty, will be presented by speakers from a wide variety of disciplines at the CHC's 16th annual Historic Preservation Symposium, scheduled Feb. 20 – 21, 2015 at the Langford Architecture Center on the Texas A&M campus.
Interdisciplinary initiatives earn Regan Prize for Warden, Vanegas

Vanegas, Warden earn Regan Prize

posted December 22, 2014
For championing interdisciplinary education two Texas A&M College of Architecture professors, Jorge Vanegas, dean of the college, and Robert Warden, director of the Center for Heritage Conservation, were selected as recipients of the 2014 J. Thomas Regan Interdisciplinary Faculty Prize.
March CHC symposium to feature  Houston building preservationists

CHC symposium to feature Houston preservation experts

posted February 11, 2014
The challenges and rewards of preserving historic buildings in Houston will be discussed by leaders in the city’s preservation community at “Houston: Building Stories,” the 15th annual preservation symposium hosted March 21-22, 2014, by Texas A&M’s Center for Heritage Conservation.
Associated Press report features CHC’s Alamo preservation work

AP report showcases CHC Alamo project

posted February 11, 2014
Bob Warden, director of the Center for Heritage Conservation, is heading a team of graduate students using scanning and recording equipment and computer aided-design software to create detailed 2- and 3-D models of one of Texas's most historic structures, the Alamo.
Students’ 2003 report inspires restoration of historic library

Students’ report in 2003 inspires library renovation

posted January 29, 2014
The once-deteriorating Carnegie library in Franklin, Texas, whose restoration was inspired by a 2003 report created by graduate building preservation technology students at Texas A&M, hosted a celebration of its 100th anniversary Jan. 14, 2014.
CHC documenting the Alamo's changes throughout the years

CHC documenting Alamo's evolution

posted June 4, 2013
Digital models of the Alamo, a shrine in Texas’ battle for independence from Mexico, are being created by Bob Warden, director of Texas A&M’s Center for Heritage Conservation, and Master of Architecture students at Texas A&M.
Historic Preservation Symposium spotlights Texas heritage projects

CHC symposium highlights Texas preservation efforts

posted January 31, 2013
Preservation efforts throughout Texas were highlighted at the Texas A&M Center for Heritage Conservation’s annual Historic Preservation Symposium scheduled March 1-2 at the Langford Architecture Center's Preston Geren Auditorium.


2014 Historic Preservation Symposium

March 21-March 22, 2014

The 15th annual CHC symposium will focus on preservation efforts in the city of Houston and surrounding areas. Elizabeth Wiedower will be our Friday night speaker and will be speaking on the Astrodome. Our Saturday speakers and titles are: Stephen Fox, "The History of Historic Preservation in Houston"; Gerald Moorhead, "Preservation in Practice"; and Anna Mod, "Preservation in Progress". For registration and a full schedule, click here.

2013 Historic Preservation Symposium

March 1-March 2, 2013

The 14th annual CHC symposium will focus on Historic Preservation research and education occurring at many of the universities in Texas.  Presentations will be short 10 minute introductions to what students and professors are doing at these universities. Represented universities more

ICCROM 4th Training Course on Conservation of Built Heritage, Rome, Italy

March 2-April 22, 2012

The course aims at serving a wide range of conservation practitioners and decision makers by placing technical issues within the broader conservation context in order to link them to planning and management concerns. The first part... read more

1st International Conference on Best Practices in World Heritage: Archaeology, Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
April 9-April 13, 2012
The Universidad Complutense de Madrid, together with the Consell Insular deMenorca are organizing this international conference to generate a meeting point on Archaeology management and treatment of ... read more

Lecture: "World Heritage and Economic Development" Edinburgh, United Kingdom
17 April 2012
The lecture “World Heritage and Economic Development”, organized by Edinburgh World Heritage together with the City of Edinburgh Council and RSA Fellows MCICH Network, will take place... read more

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