The Center's annual Historic Preservation Symposium is held in the spring semester and brings international and national speakers to the campus. Since 2000, the symposium series has attracted practicing professionals, faculty and students from across the region.

2016- Campus Heritage

2015- The Alamo: Structure of History

2014- Houston: Building Stories

2013- Texas Preservation Programs and Research

2012- Disaster & Hazard Recovery & Prevention for Historic Stuctures

2011- Adaptive Reuse: Architecture as Found Object

2010- Technology Preserves

2009- Building on Green: Preservation and Sustainability

2008- Preserving the Modern

2007- Conserving Texas' WWII Heritage

2006- Preparation for Preservation Practice: a Comprehensive Perspective

2005- Investigation and Evaluation in Historic Preservation

2004- Innovative Conservation: Technology in Practice

2003- Culture, Landscape and Buildings

2002- Recording Cultural Heritage: 25 Years of HABS at Texas A&M and the

           Future of Documentation

2001- Preservation and Conservation in Practice

2000- Careers in Historic Preservation: The Present and the Future