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The Department of Architecture at Texas A&M University offers a Minor in Architectural Heritage Conservation (ARHC). This minor provides an interdisciplinary and global approach to understanding heritage conservation and its importance to sustainable conservation of the built environment. 


The curriculum emphasizes an awareness of the principles and theories that impact architectural heritage conservation. Required coursework provides an awareness of historical traditions and global cultures that have significant impact on conservation efforts. In addition, the minor enables students to explore technological advancements critical to documenting and assessing the built environment. 


The minor in Architectural Heritage Conservation can serve as a complement to several major fields of study and is open to all Texas A&M undergraduates. The structure of the minor encourages students to gain a broad understanding of the foundations of heritage conservation before advancing to specialized areas of interest in Architecture, Anthropology, Renewable Natural Resources, Recreation Park and Tourism Sciences, and Urban Planning. 


The minor includes six credit hours of required foundation coursework, three credit hours of architectural history, and six credit hours elective coursework. Note: The minor is 15 credit hours. Six hours of minor coursework must be in residence at the 300 - 400 level. 



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