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Campus Remembered

As part of the Provost’s funding for the 125th Anniversary of the university, the College of Architecture was awarded $10,000 to study the historic buildings in the central campus and to recommend a list of buildings that should receive historic markers.  The research proposal was developed by David G. Woodcock, FAIA, Professor of Architecture and Director of the Historic Resources Imaging Laboratory.

The proposal suggested the creation of a flyer (similar to those currently available for The Williams Administration Building and the Cushing Library) as a self-guided walking tour for visitors to the campus.  The tour would highlight the historic core of the campus, and provide information on the selected buildings. 

As a part of the research, a list of buildings under consideration was circulated to selected university administrators, college deans, and others, to seek comments and advice.  The survey assisted in the creation of two categories of buildings: those with easily recognized historic and cultural importance, and those with a supporting role, but not of highest priority.