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Center for Heritage Conservation

The Center for Heritage Conservation (CHC) at Texas A&M University supports research into planned and built environments with particular emphasis on cultural heritage, heritage conservation, and historic preservation. Investigations are performed through sponsored projects and professional and academic studies.  

The CHC provides focused and high-impact interdisciplinary learning activities open to all students at Texas A&M. The graduate Certificate in Historic Preservation was approved in 1991 as the first university-wide certificate of its kind. In 2017, the CHC collaborated with the Department of Architecture to create a new undergraduate Minor in Architectural Heritage Conservation. 

The CHC Academic and Professional Fellows provide a multi-disciplinary, cross-campus and national network that supports the recording, analysis, repair, reuse, interpretation, and informed management of historic buildings, monuments, places, and sites of cultural heritage.


Our Mission:

  • To promote an awareness of cultural heritage, historic preservation, and historic resource management issues;
  • to develop, maintain, and administer cross-disciplinary academic programs and student organizations;
  • to provide opportunities for students from around the University to engage in Center academic and research activities involving the documentation and investigation, and analysis of historic structures, sites, and landscapes and conservation of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage.