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About Us

The Center for Heritage Conservation was authorized in 2005 as a professional center for interdisciplinary research and service projects on all aspects of built and natural heritage. Since 1977, Texas A&M University has been recognized for academic and research programs dedicated to the better understanding of our historic legacy.

The Center supports research of planned and built environments with particular emphasis on their continued use and care. Investigations are performed through sponsored projects and professional and academic graduate studies. Research findings are disseminated to the public through publications and presentations in academic and professional journals and conferences.

Over fifty active cross-disciplinary Professional, Faculty and Corresponding Fellows provide a unique cross-campus and national network that supports the recording, analysis, repair, reuse, interpretation and wise management of historic buildings, places and cultural sites.

Academic programs and events sponsored by the Center enrich educational opportunities by building on an established network of course offerings, increasing the knowledge and professional skills of the practice community.


Our Mission

The mission of the Center for Heritage Conservation is two-fold. :

Cross-disciplinary academic programs and student organizations are developed, maintained and administered by the Center. A Certificate in Historic Preservation based on strong academic coursework prepares graduates to enter preservation and conservation fields. In addition, the Preservation and Conservation Student Society (PACSS) provides opportunities for undergraduates and graduates from around the University to engage in Center academic and research activities. Research conducted by the Center promotes an awareness of historic preservation and conservation. Research activities encourage interactions with academic and professional fellows working in heritage preservation and conservation.

Contact Us

The Center for Heritage Conservation is located in the Scoates Building adjacent to the Langford College of Architecture building on the Texas A&M campus.

If you have questions regarding the certificate program, or if you would like additional information regarding our documentation work, we welcome you to visit or contact us:

Center for Heritage Conservation
Scoates Room 125
3137 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-3137
P: 979.845.0384